Traditional New York Style Deli and Catering

Capitala 4a05f54e86e15085d94b1f147ff678c3c4bbc2f6de90f84dff1b7ea9c21f9ebb t The Bronx Deli we only serve original, home cooked recipes, mastered over generations. Our corned beef alone has been hailed the best by food and restaurant critics from across the country. New Yorkers are saying "it tastes just like home!" We offer three ways to place an order: Dine-in, carryout, or order online and get free soda! How'd ya get so lucky?
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"There are corned beef sandwiches -- and then there are really, really good corned beef sandwiches. The ones at the new Bronx Deli are definitely the latter." - Sylvia Rector of the Detroit Free Press
Bronx Deli Pontiac
247 S Telegraph,
Pontiac MI, 48341
M-T: 10-8pm
W-F: 10-8pm
SAT: 11-8pm
SUN: Closed
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Bronx Deli Farmington Hills
37580 West 12 Mile Rd,
Farmington Hills MI, 48331
M-F: 10:30-8pm
SAT: Closed
SUN: Closed
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